Live a Young Living Lifestyle

As you use Young Living products, fall in love with them, and see how quickly others do the same, you will think of more and more people to share this opportunity with! You will begin to wonder “why isn’t everyone using oils and sharing with others”! Fact of the matter is SHARING is easy. And getting PAID is even easier! Below are key benefits of how you can earn as you live a Young Living lifestyle.

Young Living provides the opportunity to partake in harvesting, reforestation, educational opportunities, and more, all unique to Young Living as the Global Leader in Essential Oils.

Get “Thank You Checks” for SHARING

Get paid everytime someone you introduce to oils makes a purchase, whether it’s wholesale or retail. You share . . . You earn! It’s as simple as that.

EARN Residually (work once, get paid over and over)

This is where, over time, the income can allow you to get paid while you sleep, are on vacation, or doing whatever it is you love!

Support your Team to SUCCESS and EARN More!

Young Living offers amazing bonuses and profit sharing for those taking their business building seriously.
You can touch a lot of lives and have a lot of fun in the process of qualifying for these lucrative bonuses.

ENJOY Incentives, Trips, and Unique Life Experiences

Incentives may include cash, a car, an exotic trip, or something else exciting that Young Living comes up with! Young Living provides the opportunity to partake in harvesting, reforestation, educational opportunities, and more, all unique to Young Living as the Global Leader in Essential Oils.

Compensation Plan

Let’s get into a little more detail on the ways you get paid! Unlike traditional jobs, in our business model your actions set your income. Your earning potential is UNLIMITED (providing you place a 100pv order every month). Below are the many ways you can earn in Young Living’s generous compensation plan.

Fast Start Bonus Earn for Sharing with Others

By simply sharing the products with others, you can earn 25% on whatever they order for their first 3 months. You may also qualify to earn an additional $25 bonus on each person! Note, on retail customer orders, the 24% difference between wholesale to retail pricing goes directly to you.

Fast StartHelp your Team Share with Others and Earn More

As you bring people into your Young Living business, not only does it feel good to help them build their business and earn money, but you are financially rewarded for this. You can earn an additional 10% on anyone that they bring into their business during their first 3 months.

Uni-LevelCreate a Residual Income by Assisting Others to Create a Young Living Lifestyle through Essential Rewards

As you assist others in signing up for Essential Rewards, YOU can get paid month after month, every time they order. You can earn 4-8% residual income, depending on the level and your rank.

Essential Rewards are monthly product orders that allow the individual to:

  • qualify for exclusive promotions

  • enjoy reduced shipping

  • qualify to earn all commissions and bonuses

  • receive special discounts on select product kits

  • get up to 25% back in points that can be redeemed for free products

LeadershipReach your Team Goals in Organizational Volume and Receive Bonuses

As you move up in the ranks and grow your organization’s volume, a whole bunch of bonuses become available to you, including Rising Star Team Bonus, Generational Leadership Bonus, and getting paid on additional levels deep.

You Don’t Build Alone

While you are in business FOR yourself, you are certaintly not in business BY yourself. Not only do you have a leadership team supporting you, but you also have YOUR organization that will support your growth! With our amazing products and business model, your organization can grow quickly . . . and this growth expands beyond your efforts. That’s the power of DUPLICATION!


Imagine sharing with just 2 people every month, who share with 2 people, who share with 2 people . . . and after a year, having over 500,000 people in your organization!!! This is what duplication does for you. You can see how powerful it is...

Now that you know the power of duplication, let me show you how we can support you in creating it in your business . . .


Our Turnkey System

In order to create duplication in your business, you need tools that allow your team to share with ease. Creating duplication is easy with our turnkey system. Not only can you get your OWN website, JUST LIKE THIS ONE, to build your home based business, but we will also train and mentor you to achieve the goals you set for yourself.


CLICK HERE to learn more about our duplicatable system, get your own website, and start sharing with others . . .