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Already a part of Young Living? Great! Maybe you are on our team, maybe not. It doesn’t matter to us. There is enough abundance for all and this website was created with the intention to serve and support all Young Living distributors. We are honored to support you!

To grow any business you need a system for easy, duplicatable recruitment. That is why we created and USE this simple duplicatable system, which allows us to build our business 24/7 (even while we sleep). Our team is in action, sharing, building a business, and achieving success. Our new business members dive full in to ACTIVITY the moment they join Young Living and get this system. How would you like to get your newest team member into action within minutes of joining? How would you like your team to feel CONFIDENT in sharing with others? This is what WE wanted and that is why we created this system.

This system will allow you and your team to share the Young Living products and opportunity with confidence, helping thousands of people create the health and abundance they desire. You will get this EXACT website to build your own Young Living business with YOUR name and contact info that is linked directly to YOU . . . and that's only PART of the system. You will receive:

  • Website Capture Page with professionally produced videos and e-book offer

  • 5 page Website with YOUR name and contact info that is linked directly to YOU

  • Real time text and email notification when someone enters their information on your website

  • Access to a contact manager that will host, organize and prioritize all your leads for you

  • A customized autoresponder series aligned with the messaging of the system website

  • Access to lead generation training, including online and offline approaches

  • And more!

To create this system and make it available to Young Living distributors, we collaborated with a company, ToolsRock. We designed it so that it could be replicated, meaning each and every one of you will have your very OWN website! And the best part is that you can get all of this for as little as $19.99 per month.

So go ahead and register to get your site TODAY! Simply click on the link below, which will take you to a Secure Server where you can complete the registration and get your own website up in minutes. We look forward to seeing you SUCCEED!

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